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Hello! I'm Amply. A highly Advanced 24/7 Operating Music Bot.

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I Love Music, And I Bet You Do Too!
I'll Deliver High Quality Music Directly To You And Your Friends In Your Voice Chats. I do my job for free, 24/7 with free 24/7 support. I Won't Hold Back From A Good Time With Music. Will You?

My Current FREE Features:

-Online 24/7!
-24/7 FREE bot support!
-High powered VPS!
-99.99% up-time!
-Feature rich music bot!

/help - Brings up this help list.

/join - I'll join the voice chat you're currently in if I'm not already occupied.

/play - I'll play any song/sound you request.

/pause - I'll pause the current playing song for you.

/Resume - I'll resume playing the currently paused song for you.

/leave - I'll leave the voice chat I'm currently in.

/skip - Skip the current playing song.

/forceskip - Force skip a song instead of putting it to a vote.

/grab - I'll send you details about the current playing song in your DMs.

/donate - Donate to support Amply and unlock premium features.

/invite - Invite me to your server.

/queue - See the songs waiting in the queue.

/loop - Loop the current playing song or playlist.

/nowplaying - Get information about the current playing song.

/speed - Set the speed of the song.

/support - Receive a link to the official support server.

/search - Search for a song name and get multiple songs with that name to choose from to listen to.

/servers - See how many servers I'm currently in.

/speed - Change the speed of the song.

/volume - change my public volume in the current voice channel.

/tophits - See the current top played songs around the world and listen to them.

/updates - See future updates about Amply. (This command is convenient for Amply users who aren't in the official support server.)

/ping - See my current ping.

My Current Premium Features:

/bassboost - Enables/disables bassboost.

/treblebass - Enables/disables treblebass.

/nightcore - Enables/disables nightcore.

/slomo - Enables/disables slomo.

/soft - Enables/disables soft.

/8D - Enables/disables 8D.

/save - Save the current playing song to your personal save list.

/saved - Check the songs you have saved on your saved list.

/clearsaved - Clear one or all songs on your saved list.

Features Coming Soon:

/Clear Queue - Clear the queue of a playlist or multiple songs in the queue.

/Equalizer - Enables/disables Equalizer.

/Reverb - Enables/disables Reverb.

/Karaoke Mode - Enables/disables Karaoke Mode.

/Distortion - Enables/disables Distortion.

/Delay/Echo - Enables/disables Delay/Echo.

/Flanger/Chorus - Enables/disables Flanger/Chorus.

/Tremolo - Enables/disables Tremolo.

/Noise Reduction - Enables/disables Noise Reduction.

/Compressor - Enables/disables Compressor.

/High-Pass/Low-Pass Filters - Enables/disables High-Pass/Low-Pass Filters.

/Stereo - Enables/disables Stereo.

With My Regular Updates, easy To Use Features And High Quality Audio, What More Could You Want?

~We Love Music

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