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Multipurpose bot in active development to help you on your server.

Prefix: d! or /

Library: discord.js

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Hello my name is Daya, I am a bot born on February 09, 2021 with the purpose of helping you on your server with multiple functions like:

Moderation, Keep your server in line with these commands 
- Ban (Ban a user from your server ID/Mention)
- Clear (Clear a specific amount of messages in a channel) 
- Nuke (Delete all messages in a channel) 
- unban (Unban users with their ID)
- snipe (View deleted messages on a channel - Can be disabled with the "snipetoggle" command)

Social, Your users will be able to express themselves 
- Cry (Cry disconsolately) 
- Dance (Show your steps) 
- Hug (Hug someone) 
- Sleep (Zzzzz)

Tickets, you will be able to provide special help to your users.
- ticket-setup (Configure the ticketing system)
- ticket-close (Closes open tickets)

Games, to entertain your users 
- connect4 (Connect 4 points in a row to win) 
- snake (The classic snake, play a while by yourself) 
- rps (Rock, paper, scissors, who destroys who?) 
- tictactoe (Tic-tac-toe, you know what to do)

Multiple Languages, You can use Daya in your native language :D! 
Currently available languages are: 
- English 
- Spanish 
- French 

More on the way, to switch between these you can use the /language command.


> Github:          
> Daya Support Server: Under construction                             
> Mariliun Inc Server: 

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