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Moderator on Duty is an AI based anti-toxicity bot. Configurable solely through slash commands and with support for detection in multiple languages!

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MOD (Moderator On Duty) uses machine learning to identify toxic messages and deletes them, making it easier to maintain a healthy discord server.

MOD is configurable through slash (/) commands and setup is required:
  It's not necessary to choose a channel or a role but you still **must** run the command
     **setup logchannel ** or **setup bypassrole ** or **setup threshold **

If you ever want to change your server's log channel bypass role or toxicity threshold you can simply run the setup command again and select new options.
You're only able to have 4 bypass-role. However, the server owner, Administrators and members with the manage messages permission will bypass the detection.

Please read our documentation and join our Discord server for support and reporting problems.

M.O.D is proudly sponsored by **BisectHosting**! We trust on BisectHosting's powerful and reliable hosting to keep M.O.D running smoothly!
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